About Us

About Us Cat

Hi you curious cat,

Let us get this straight.

We are not sloppy.

And we are definitely NOT cats.

We are a bunch of humans who have a lot to say but don’t know how to say it (Introverts, UNITE). So we wanted to let our tees do the talking for us. We are all about creating funny, sassy, and meaningful tees for you (and all your personalities – wink wink). All the while making sure they are also comfortable, fit right, and last long.

Fun fact: The T-shirt started out as a humble undergarment in the 1900s. It took The T-shirt 50 years, but The T-shirt became bold enough to step out as a main piece of clothing. The T-shirt not only overcame its shyness, but now has gathered enough guts to speak up on just about anything. Be like The T-shirt.

So go ahead, take your pick depending on your mood, and speak up in style!

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” —Harry Winston